Free: ADDER Test Pattern Generator

Quick confidence testing for installers.

A test pattern generator suite for confidence testing during installation. Featuring Skew, Checkerboard, Ramp, Movement test, Vertical lines and RGB hue picker.

The Adder test pattern generator can be used as a quick confidence test in the field. The application is very small and light weight so can be carried on a USB thumb drive. During installations engineers need a number of screens to test differing aspects of analogue video extension and ensure colour depth etc. The following patterns can be found in this application:

  • SKEW: Perfectly aligned Red, Green and Blue crosses help ensure RGB skew is adjusted correctly on screen. Prevents RGB colour ghosting
  • VERTICAL LINES: Alternating black and white vertical lines, each 1 pixel wide. Ideal when testing native screen resolution or ensuring sharpness.
  • RAMP: A grey scale ramp/vignette useful when looking at bit depth. Lower bit depth will generate grey vertical grey blocks across the screen.
  • MOVEMENT: The movement test is useful to ensure smooth video during setup. Four squares move around the screen. 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue and one black & white.
  • CHEQUER: Useful for analogue system installation to ensure good attenuation. Sharpness adjustment setting.
  • COLOUR: The colour picker allows you to slide RGB colour levels through 255 steps to test the physical condition of the panel during installation. Select 100% of each colour to locate dead/stuck pixels.

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