ADDERLink X2-Silver & X2-Silver DA

Keyboard, video, mouse and RS232 extender giving sharp, bright and ultra high-resolution video images at distances up to 300m (1000ft).

 The ADDERLink X2-Silver, (part of the ADDERLink X Series range), extends very high quality video, keyboard, mouse and transparent, high speed RS232 up to 300m (1000ft) over Category 5 or higher UTP cable. The ADDERLink X2-Silver has been designed to provide industry-leading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities.

Dual access versions provide local KVM access at the computer for local as well as remote control.

Video performance

Industry leading resolutions of 1600×1200 are achievable at 200m (650ft) and 1280×1024 at 300m (1000ft).

Video compensation

The ADDERLink X2 applies a high level of signal compensation that allows for a greatly increased range of very smooth and fine adjustments.

Emulated DDC

Unless an extender actively supports DDC some well-known high performance video cards cannot be used at high resolutions. The ADDERLink X2 fully supports DDC.

Rack options

Both transmitter and receiver units can be used stand-alone or up to 16 units can be mounted into a 2U chassis.

Integrated DeSkew

The ADDERLink X2-Silver has integrated skew correction with a 300MHz bandwidth, meaning that it is more than powerful enough to counteract the negative effects of the skew.

Product Codes

X2-SILVER/P (Pair);
X2-SILVER/R (Receiver only);
X2-DA-SILVER (Dual Access Extender)

Ideal for CAT5/6/7 cable - see datasheet for recommendationSUN compatiblePC compatibleMac compatibleVGA interfaceRJ45 interfaceFeatures PS/2 connection

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ADDERLink X2-Silver

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