Create a single workspace from 4 different computers

The CCS4-USB enables users to interact with up to 4 computers as if they were an extended desktop using a single keyboard and mouse. Rather than having to use multiple HID devices, operators simply move the cursor across screen boarders to the computer they want to control


  • Seamless switching between computers
  • Multiple computers, multiple monitors, single point of input.
  • No software required
  • Improved desk ergonomics
  • Interactive light modules for identification
  • Seamless switching by mouse control with Free-Flow Technology

    Free-Flow allows users to automatically switch between target computers simply by moving the mouse pointer from screen to screen. Unlike software only variants ,no software or networking  is required on your mission critical computers for Free-Flow to work.

    Multi screen Free-Flow

    The system is able to support 8 monitors per computer. To enable Free-Flow on multi screen computers, a driver must be installed on the target computer.
    This is available for Windows computers only.  To find out more VISIT THIS PAGE or download the firmware here.

    Improved desk ergonomics

    With only one keyboard and mouse required to operate 4 computer systems, the desk space can be made more ergonomically effective and reduces time for operators to multiplex to the different systems.

    Hot Key, Mouse and remote switching capabilities

    Hotkeys or mouse button presses can be programmed to change channels. Alternatively a remote 4 button switch (RC4) or a 3rd party control system could also initiate changes via RS232

    Instant switching with True Emulation USB 2.0 technology

    Adder’s True Emulation technology overcomes limitations of other KVM switches by emulating the true character of the connected devices to all the computers simultaneously. This means that you can now use the extra function keys, wheels, buttons and controls that are commonly found on modern keyboards and mice without sacrificing switching times.

    Independent simultaneous device selection

    Switching options enable you to use the keyboard and mouse on one computer whilst your USB peripherals and speakers are independently connected to different computers. You can of course still switch all the connected devices to any one of the connected computers.

    Screen illumination module

    The CCS-XB illumination module is an accessory which connects to the CCS4-USB. It gives the users the option to have a LED module positioned on each screen to indicate which screen you are currently controlling. The colour and intensity can be controlled for each screen. A maximum of 10 illumination modules can be supported.


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    CCS-XB LED module for CCS4USB and Free Flow
    LED Light Module designed to indicate active screen focus when used alongside Free-Flow.
    ADDER Free-Flow
    Unique technology from the experts in connectivity. FreeFlow – Automated mouse switching.
    ADDER Remote Control Unit RC4- 8P8C
    RC4-8P8C remote control unit can be used to provide direct push button access to any channel from your desktop.
    Synchrony is designed to work with the Adder Trader Switch (TS4) to automatically move keyboard and mouse control across the connected screens.
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