ADDERLink X200

Fully featured USB keyboard, video and mouse extender with 44.1kHz digital stereo audio support for two computers. ¬†ADDERLink X200s have been designed for use in applications where up to two computers can have their keyboard, video, audio and mouse control extended up to 300 m (1000 ft.) across CAT5 or higher UTP cable. The ADDERLink […]



The ADDERLink X2 has been designed to provide industry-leading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities.¬† The ADDERLink X2, (part of the ADDERLink X Series range), extends very high quality video, keyboard, mouse and transparent, high speed RS232 up to 300m (1000ft) over Category 5 or higher UTP cable. The ADDERLink X2 operates in the […]


ADDERLink X100

Short haul, fully featured, keyboard, video, mouse and optional audio extender for PS/2 and USB computers. ADDERLink X100s have been designed for use in applications where keyboard, mouse, high quality video and audio needs to be extended no more than 100m (330ft) over category 5 or higher UTP cable. The ADDERLink X100s provide industry-leading video […]


ADDERLink Silver

KVM extension with remote KVM switch and local control. Convenient and remote control of a PC or KVM switch over 200m (650 ft) of UTP cable. The ADDERLink Silver has all the features of the ADDERLink plus local KVM control and a remote KVM switch, for added flexibility.The ADDERLink Silver is designed to control a […]