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High Performance KVM

Welcome to the world of High Performance KVM

Adder have revolutionized the way in which you extend, switch and multicast computers. Utilising Standard Networking Systems as the core infrastructure, whilst maintinaing absolute pixel perfect quality, Adder have bought about a step change improvement to the traditional KVM matrix. The traditional matrix relies upon bespoke technologies to carry keyboard, video and mouse data around a facility. These bespoke technologies are understandably expensive, very large by comparison, rigid in architecture and are usually built to order.

Adders approach utilises commonly found, core I.T. technology already in use around the world to carry data – I.P.

This means our High Performance KVM technologies are fast and simple to install, easily maintained, flexible, have automatic configuration and deliver critical content reliably and without loss.


What makes High Performance KVM from Adder the first choice for modern connectivity solutions?

  • Easy To deploy / simple to manage
  • Standard network infrastructure
  • Wide knowledge base
  • Future proof technology
  • Quick and calculable ROI
  • Cost effective installation
  • Global access through VNC
  • Totally scalable


Digital KVM Matrix




 High resolutions

  pixel perfect image quality

  high frame rates

  real time, zero latency


 keyboard & mice


 graphics tablets

storage devices & class control


 plug & play


simple/complex interfaces

broad accessibility


unlimited distance capability

absolute reliability

redundant operation

remote access

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