ADDERView OSD is an extension to the ADDERView range.

Supporting up to eight computers in a single box solution, and allowing multiple units to be cascaded together, ADDERView OSD offers exceptional value for money. An intuitive On Screen Display selection menu is provided allowing you to name all your computers individually. This makes channel selection easy as you no longer have to remember a channel number, just connect by selecting a name!

In addition to the ADDERView desktop features, ADDERView OSD also provides an expansion port that allows remote control operation of the switch. ADDERView OSD is a desktop switch but an optional rack mount kit is also available. A multi-function numeric LED display shows you the channel that you are currently connected to, data activity and the power status of the switch.

Self powered

The unit conveniently draws its power from the connected CPUs along the keyboard cable. Power LED confirms sufficient power is available for reliable operation. High video quality – Screen resolution of up to 1900 x 1440 supported.

Channel selection

Convenient switching using On Screen Display selection menu, keyboard hot-key or front panel key, RS232 serial or optional RC1 remote control accessory.

Front panel key

Used for selecting channels manually.

Front panel display LEDs

Seven segment LED display shows the currently selected channel and keyboard or mouse activity.


The ADDERView OSD can be set to automatically scan all ports.


Commands can be used to select channel.

Automatic mouse conversion

PS/2, IntelliMouse and RS232 type mice are all supported between switch and CPUs. Controlling mouse/trackball can have a wheel but must be PS/2 type (check with your supplier to confirm compatibility).

IBM ThinkPad compatible

Tested with ThinkPad (mouse and keyboard ) splitter cable and docking station.

Maintenance mode

Keyboard, mouse and ADDERView reset feature.

Physical (both models)

All metal case 220 x 440 x 44mm apprx.


Self powered operation NOTE: Maximum cable length for self powered operation is 5 meters from CPUs. Optional universal PSU (part no: PSU-IEC-5VDC) may be required for certain applications.


89/336/EEC CE marked.



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