High density fully featured USB, and Video control for local, remote and global usersADDERView CATxIP 5000

The ADDERView AVX5016 IP is the culmination of ADDER’s KVM over IP expertise to date. This new device offers 4 non blocking simultaneous IP connections together with a local port (5 separate users), and allows the user to control 16 separate devices. The AVX5016 IP is very small and compact enabling you to fit two units side by side to support 32 computers and 10 sessions in just 1U of rack space.

Using ADDER’s CAM modules, you can connect the switch via CAT5e cable to any type of server including PC, Mac and Sun. Country code reporting, DDC and continuous keyboard and mouse emulation further ensure faultless operation across your unique installation.

The AVX5016 IP can also be used as a serial console (sometime known as a terminal server) simply by attaching the CATX-CONSOLE computer access module. This gives you out of band access to target command line interface (CLI) as well as console access to network switches. What makes the AVX5016 really unique is that you can mix as many of the 16 ports for use with either serial console or keyboard-video-mouse. This makes the AVX5016 one of the most flexible KVM over IP products on the market today.

4 simultaneous IP users

Allows 4 simultaneous global users to connect via IP to any of the 16 connected devices.

Local user support:

Direct connection for 1 local user to connect straight into the switch.

LDAP integration:

Authenticate users against your existing LDAP infrastructure. This feature can be enabled and disabled.

RS232 control:

Integrated RS232 gives you the ability to control other external devices such as power management devices.

Ecopulse circuitry:

Ecopulse powers down unnecesary circuits when not required to reduce power requirements. Over the life of the product this will save significant power resources.

Encryption and Authentication:

This enterprise grade KVM over IP switch employs AES128 bit encryption and RSA2048 authentication ensuring your control system remains secure at all times.


The AVX5016 IP allows you to configure 16 separate users internally with unique access privileges all of which are stored within the switch.

Open Arhitecture:

ADDER’s continuous improvement policy further ensures your system against future hardware changes – ADDER offers free firmware updates for the life of the product. Furthermore, ADDER’s open architecture design philosophy will not tie you in to specific manufacturer’s equipment.

Network management software, automating the task of managing your network control hardware.

Available with the following class leading connectivity options:

                  Product Codes:


DisplayPort CAM

DisplayPort CAM – NEW
CATX-DP-USBA: DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio
CATX-MDP-USBA: Mini DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio

Serial CamSerial CAM – NEW
CATX-CONSOLE: Serial connectivity to your target machines (only works from AVX5016IP)
CATX-PS2 – PS/2 only
CATX-PS2-A – PS/2 plus audio
CATX-USB-A USB plus audio
CATX-SUNA – Sun plus audio

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